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leg so hot, hot hot leg, leg so hot you fry an egg
from Anonymous

"I could fry an egg on my leg, but I can’t imagine that’s the most efficient method of cooking…”

Flirt/hit on/grope/tease/strip for my muse, and see their reaction


//whether they have met or not makes no difference at all. go nuts


Reblog if it is okay if your muse is hurt, severely injured or tortured in RPs.



It’s not just okay, It’s encouraged

share. (drabble for zelda/helena/laurentius)

The queen of Hyrule, leader of thousands and loved by all, was lonely. More than that, she was possessed of a bottle of wine, which was never a good combination—and worse still, said bottle of wine was being shared with her shadow and bodyguard, Helena. The pale woman, dressed in a satin, crimson gown mirroring the lighter, pink dress draped across her queen’s frame, lounged in a chair, regarding Zelda with some concern. The room was awash in the flicker of a flame alive in the fireplace; moonbeams fell through the partly open window to meld their silver glow with the pools of yellow light splashing across the floor.

“You haven’t touched your wine,” muttered Helena, one eyebrow aloft. “What’s bothering you?”

“Nothing,” Zelda responded, automatically—but the look on her face communicated otherwise, and Helena knew it. This is what the queen hated about Helena asking toward her wellbeing—the shadow, more than anyone else, could see through Zelda’s falsehoods and knew full well the monarch was lying through her clenched teeth.

“The hell there’s nothing wrong with you,” muttered Helena, taking a larger gulp of the wine. “Unless you’d like me to start making some very embarrassing assumptions, you’ll ‘fess up.”

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One night... Cuddling, and lots of it. Then, things would heat up (not literally) and the night would get rather... intimate.
from Anonymous

Laurentius gives the knight a hooded (literally) stare, and a faint grin.

"I don’t think I’d have any complaints," he says.

one night? Food, a hug, a bath (he likely needs one, no offense since everyone in lordran likely does), and a comprehensive guide on where to get pyromancies. Then after he's memorized that, I guess I would ask him questions and give him advice and encouragement about stuff
from Anonymous

"That’s it, I’m dumping myself in the bloody river."

((You’re going to smell like soot no matter what you do, you realize.))

"Leave me be!"

Hold his head underwater until the bubbles stop!

Creighton is promptly greeted with a fireball. 

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